The flower bed over-haul continues apace.( Part one.)

Between random rainstorms, and the occasional snow fall(!) last week, during the most inconvenient times, I only got to work on digging out the bed yesterday and today.

Oh. MYGOD. So. The irises are so overgrown in that sunny corner there are sections that are literally not in the dirt, they are simply growing on top of other root balls and bulbs.

Also, there are onions. Everywhere. The mint has not spread AT ALL. But the ONIONS? The ONIONS have spread like WILDFIRE.

I...think I knew there were onions?

ONIONS. Onions and accidental mint (it fell out of someone's glass of alcohol years ago? I guess? I DON'T EVEN KNOW, YOU GUYS!) and irises and tulips.


So, I took out some more yesterday between the Farmer's Market (hooray honey mead!) and naptime (HOORAY NAPTIME).

Also, pictures. )

Onward to part three...
Yesterday was an awesomely productive day, and it included getting started on over hauling my flower beds.

I did not put the bed in, and I have largely ignored it since we move in a year ago. But during the glorious snowy winter I began daydreaming about how pretty it could be with some TLC.

It's been neglected for a long time, and so the irises and random tulips living there have pretty much started choking themselves out. Purple irises are my favorite flower of all time, I adore them, which I include only as a data point to highlight how ugly they must be when *I* say "they aren't even pretty irises."

So, I am digging the whole mess up and starting from scratch.

I started digging yesterday. And wow. So I didn't know plants could actually get root bound in the GROUND. I am going to have to buy more soil because the roots and bulbs are such a knotted dense mess I'm pulling out almost a foot deep and there's very little dirt left behind.

But I think it will be worth it.

Pictures! )

Part two...

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Jun. 3rd, 2008 10:43 am
indeliblesasha: Bright highlighter-pink tulips with yellow tulips in the background surrounded by bright green foliage (Misc - Pink Easter)

So, hi. I've been useless as a fangirl for the last MONTH or so. Probably more.

Lets start with getting sick. And then staying sick that turned out to be early pregnancy. And then adjusting to being pregnant. And then...Then! I had to get on a plane and head to Arizona for two weeks.

OMG I had so much fun. First I spent two days with [ profile] loralienasa in Phoenix. The weather sucked but it was SO NICE getting to spend time with her, just the two of us. And the dogs. *snicker*

So then it was on to Tucson and [ profile] shinybug and wedding planning. I spent the first few days with her while we busted butt and got a lot done for her wedding. Stringing lanterns, ordering plates and flatware, shopping for cake ingredients. An on and on. We had fun. We listened to podfic, we laughed about the good old days. We remembered why we have been friends for 14 years. *G* And then her beloved came into town and I skeedaddled to my mom's to attend my cousin's graduation and spend time with the fam.

Graduation was windy, my aunt and uncle bought me baby socks, grandma was prepping for double knee replacement, and there was a kitten who liked to sleep on me. I got to see my brother, and spend time with his wife, I adore her FWIW, and generally had a nice quiet time of it.

Saturday dawned and i was time to head back to Amanda and the wedding. And her fiance. See he and I used to date. And when I say date I mean lived together for a year and a half before I went completely fucking off my rocker and ruined it.

There has been some...ill will there for a long time. But we are both adults, and we both love Amanda, so we decided to try and be civil.

By the end of the wedding Sunday night, I'd gotten a couple of hugs out of him and we were downright friendly. It kind of rocked.

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL, they both SMILED...BEAMED the whole way through the ceremony and were just glowing the whole night. It was an amazing thing to be a part of.

Monday took me to Mammoth and daddy and grandpa. We had cheeseburgers for dinner and watched westerns and I headed to bed early and slept until noon Tuesday. And then we thinned out the turnip greens in the garden. *G* And I helped daddy find the water leak, and then we drove by Roosevelt Lake on the way into Phoenix.

And then I landed in Denver at 11:30 pm with two extra suitcases, bringing my total return to four bags as opposed to the two I left with. *G*.

My mom likes to buy me things.

Once home I promptly caught a cold and have been down for all of the last week. I'm on the mend finally.

And that's me. Maybe I'll be around more now. :)

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